I don't claim to be an expert cook. Or a fancy cook. In fact, I never used to really enjoy cooking. So this is mostly about low fuss, filling and tasty meals, and really just anything I have a go at and decide to share along the way!! My top priority is avoiding additives and preservatives wherever possible closely followed by using whole/less processed/healthier ingredients. But for those who would like conventional options that are quick tasty and cost effective, I would like to share tips on all of these as well!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


What I love about the Thermomix is that even simple things you used to cook become even simpler.  And when you used to use 2 bowls or cooking apparatus, now you use one.  Take for example the humble quiche.  This is my mum’s simple and yummy quiche.  I used to actually pull out the frying pan and the mixmaster for this.  And cry with the onions for a few minutes.  And stand at the stove, stirring the onion and bacon… Because you know it’s the one second that you get distracted cleaning up is the second it turns from nicely browned to… well, charcoally.  Then wash the beaters, bowl, frying pan and spoon.  And pack it back into the cupboard.

But, distant memories!  No pulling out anything from anywhere.  Throw in a peeled, halved onion, chop 3 seconds, bacon, chop, add oil, sautee for 3 minutes.  Add cream and eggs (and tomatoes if you like, or baby spinach, but I was serving with tomatoes etc so didn’t bother!), mix on reverse for about 10 seconds and there you have it!  Pour into pastry lined dish (pastry premade by you if you were so inclined).  Bake!

And as it goes in the oven, you rest in the knowledge that the kitchen is already cleaned because the only other thing you used was a knife and chopping mat and you used the 3 sauteeing minutes to wash, wipe and put away!!!

I was trialling a dairy free version substituting the cream, so it isn’t as light and “creamy” looking as it normally would be…. But tasty nonetheless.  And disappeared promptly.

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