I don't claim to be an expert cook. Or a fancy cook. In fact, I never used to really enjoy cooking. So this is mostly about low fuss, filling and tasty meals, and really just anything I have a go at and decide to share along the way!! My top priority is avoiding additives and preservatives wherever possible closely followed by using whole/less processed/healthier ingredients. But for those who would like conventional options that are quick tasty and cost effective, I would like to share tips on all of these as well!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thermomix Chilli Con Carne

We used to like chilli con carne as an easy tasty meal.  We used to use a packet flavouring and fry up some supermarket bought mince.  Hmmmmm... I really don't think I could bear to eat it like that again!

Have you tried the chilli con carne in the Everyday Cookbook?  It is versatile also - add corn chips (find a colour free variety!!), cheese and sour cream for nachos or just serve with pasta or make some tortillas and serve with tomato, lettuce, cheese etc, or even on top of jacket potatoes etc... you get the idea!  It's really tasty, but you do need to use your homemade vege stock and you need to mince your own meat - this is what gives it a lot more flavour.  When mincing your own meat, it is very simple.  You just need to have the meat cut into managable chunks and press the turbo button a few times until you have the desired consistency.  Don't "over mince"!!!  The chilli con carne uses fresh chilli, onion, garlic and herbs (if you like them), chops it all first, then add meat, mince it all together, saute for 2 minutes, then add tomatoes (can use fresh or canned - if fresh, then chop those earlier in thermomix), kidney beans, cook for 15 minutes and there you have it!!  A delicious base that can be used lots of different ways!

As always with cooking, do feel free to add or detract from recipes depending on your taste - don't be afraid to experiment!!

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